Wounded Heart

Dani Zairie tidak pernah berubah. This macho man with the characteristics of a playboy is easily swept away by the seduction of women who are obsessed with him. In the end, Eyda Amanda had to risk her life to support Dani Zairie. A magical woman is too obsessed with possessing Dani Zairie for half of her life because she practices black magic.

“Ingatlah Eyda! I’ll make sure you kneel in my lap once you leave. Dani Zairie menyatakan, “I swear your seven descendants will not live happily.”

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Untuk kepentingan Allah! I will wait for every moment in the afterlife for GOD’s revenge and judgment against you, Dani. Walau bagaimanapun, I am incapable of paying back with my will for all of your cruelty and tyranny. Menurut Eyda Amanda, “I surrender and submit, and I am sure that one day and when, you will definitely receive ALLAH’s reward, whether it is in this world or in the afterlife.”

Salam, gadis! Anda mendengar dengan teliti di sini. You will never get your man back, even if you cry tears of blood. Ha! Ha! – Maya Maria

Eyda Amanda’s giving up her love was in vain. Love without end. kerana perbuatan jahat iblis yang disembunyikan sebagai manusia. Danni Zairie’s love and cheating game resulted in pain and misery for Eyda Amanda.

Where will Eyda Amanda go in life? Is it possible for Eyda Amanda to maintain the relationship she established with Dani Zairie? How does their romance end?

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