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Watch Hearts Scarred Wounds broadcast from 20 December 2023, every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm on TV3 and also stream via Watch on https://mykepalabergetar.cfd

Wounded Heart

Episod: 15
Air Date: 20 December 2023
Broadcast Time: Monday – Thursday, 10:00 pm
Network: Samarinda TV3 / Watch
Script Writer: Nieza Nahar
Director: Emi Suffian
Production: Creative Skill Solution Sdn Bhd

Actor’s Character
Zara Zya as Eyda Amanda
Syarul Ezani as Dani Zairie
Ryun as Maya Maria
Fizo Omar as Rykal
Mia Nasir as Anies
Jasmin Hamid as Mrs. Safina
Aleza Shadan as Hajah Ummi
Haeriyanto Hassan
Halim Radzi

Synopsis of a Heart Scarred by Wounds

Even though there were various doubts and challenges that had to be overcome, in the end the mahligai was happily built. Eyda Amanda hopes that Dani Zairie’s happiness will last forever throughout her life. But unfortunately, his pure love was betrayed. The storm struck because of the presence of a third person.
Dani Zairie never changes. This macho man with a playboy trademark is easily swept away by the seduction of the women who are crazy about him. So in the end, Eyda Amanda was forced to risk her life by Dani Zairie’s side. Because of the practice of black magic, a magical woman is too obsessed with possessing Dani Zairie for half her life.
“Remember Eyda! Once you walk away I’ll make sure you kneel in my lap again! I swear your seven descendants will not live happily!” – Dani Zairie
“For the sake of Allah! In the afterlife, I will wait every second and moment for GOD’s vengeance and judgment against you, Dani. Even though I am unable to repay with my will for all your cruelty and tyranny. However, I surrender and submit and am sure that one day and when, you will definitely receive ALLAH’s reward in this world or in the afterlife!” – Eyda Amanda
“Hey girl! You listen here carefully! Even if you cry tears of blood, you will never get your man back! Ha! Ha! Ha!” – Maya Maria
Eyda Amanda’s love sacrifice was in vain. Endless love. Because of the devil’s evil deeds disguised as humans. Dani Zairie’s game of love and cheating ultimately led to pain and misery for Eyda Amanda.
Where does Eyda Amanda have to go in life? Can Eyda Amanda maintain the household she built with Dani Zairie? How does their love story end?